You Can Now Search Gmail Labs Features, Apps Or Widgets
di - You Can Now Search Gmail Labs Features, Apps Or Wi
di - You Can Now Search Gmail Labs Features, Apps Or Wi

So, today I am here again to tell you something related to Google and let me tell you that it will really help you to improvising you Gmail account. In this post I will be talking about Google Labs which has really helped Gmail to improve the features and Google is concentrating on Google labs these days. You must have seen many applications on Gmail by Google Labs in your account and if I am not wrong then you must be using one or two of them.

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Initially when Google Labs was introduced in Gmail, it had less number of application in the account and you must have observed that many of the application which you must be using before have been eliminated, as the applications lying in Google Labs are being constantly and if any error or any other problem occurs with that then the application is removed, this has also been notified in the Google Labs section of Settings in Gmail. Now when the number of applications on Gmail is increasing day by day, Google thought of introducing a search bar in the Google labs.

Because now it has become little bit troublesome to search for a single application under a long list of application in Google Labs so this search bar will really help you a lot. I hope that this number will go increasing everyday so this will help the users to directly get their application and you will not have to scroll down the whole page top get that application. The snapshot of the same has been shown above in the post. Just wait, as I expect to see some more updates for Google Labs Apps.

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