Facebook Interface Will Get Better Soon For Feature Phones
di - Facebook Interface Will Get Better Soon For Featur
di - Facebook Interface Will Get Better Soon For Featur

Now a days when Facebook is being accessed by many peoples from their mobiles. Facebook is trying its best to increase the number phones on which it can be accessed. It will be great if people can access their Facebook account from their mobile phones rather than using any laptop, mobile will be with you all the time and accessible all time and thus it will be great if we can check the status of any of the friends or set our latest updates any time. In this post I will be telling you some of the steps taken Facebook so that they can increase the number of users accessing their Facebook from their mobile.

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Now a days Facebook can be used many of the users on their smartphones but the only problem is that most of the people do not go for using smartphones, so Facebook is thinking of some new feature in Facebook which can help the users to accessed their Facebook account on phones other than smartphones. Facebook is in agreement with many of the service providers from many countries and many manufacturers of mobile like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericson and some other manufacturers.

Not these phone manufactures and the service providers will help in the setting the compatibility and reasonable rates to access that application on your mobile phone. The 14 different service providers have been selected for 14 different countries. For India, Reliance has been selected and it has also been intimated that Facebook will be offering free service to their applications for first 90 days for their applications and then the rates and charges which has already been decided will be implied.

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