[RUMOR] White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Soon
di - [RUMOR] White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Soon
di - [RUMOR] White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Soon

Last year in October, we reported that Apple had no plans of launching the white iPhone 4, and the model had gone south due to a light leaking problem with the material of the white iPhone, which made the camera unusable.

But if latest chatter on the internet is to be believed, then Apple is expected to launch the white iPhone 4 soon. This news come from MacRumors, which posted leaked photos of Best Buy’s inventory system taken with what looks like a mobile phone camera.

113734 best buy white iphone 4 feb 271 - [RUMOR] White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Soon
(Image Credit: MacRumors)

The SKU and model numbers associated with the entries are identical to those previously used by Best Buy when it was taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 4 prior to last summer’s launch, pre-orders that were canceled when Apple delayed availability of the white versions. Also if the restock dates are correct, then we should expect an announcement of the white iPhone 4 relaunch by Apple sometime around February 27, 2011. Note that is purely speculation, and since this screenshot is from the Best Buy Employee Toolkit, its authenticity is doubtful. In any case, release date and stocking dates can have large differences, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

A more recent update however, from BGR, fuels the speculation further as entries for the white iPhone 4 has shown up in AT&T’s Online Account Management system, and read as “iPhone 4 – 16GB White” and “iPhone 4 – 32GB White.”

white iphone 4 olam - [RUMOR] White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Soon
(Image Credit: BGR)

Overall, these sightings across the internet also seem to coincide with Apple’s previous announcement about the delay of the white iPhone 4, which claimed that it would be available for order in the “spring season of 2011″. As the expectation for an iPhone 5 closes in, Apple might be looking to rake in customers who are waiting for the white iPhone 4 and lock them into 2 year contracts, before announcing the new iPhone 5.