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Thread: Divine Chord:Music of the Soul source of survival.

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    cute Divine Chord:Music of the Soul source of survival.

    Music of the soul

    Tension is triggered when we stretch ourselves beyond our mental, physical and financial capacities and capabilities.

    The root cause is our expectations. When what we expect to happen does not happen, frustration lead to tension. This in turn leads to compression of the spiritual heart, which is the foundation of bhakti or devotion that connects us to our soul.

    To overcome stress, we need to release tension and come to enjoy a serene and a tranquil life and for this we need to introduce bhakti into our lives. You might ask, is devotion different than prayer? Prayer is a concentrated effort from us directed towards God, wherein devotion is to acknowledge that energy as God.

    Devotion helps to release pressures of unwanted thought. Thinking without incorporating devotion creates jagged thought patterns which strain the mind, creating pressure, leading to more stress and tension. Wherein thinking with devotion -- that is, thinking with love creates soft, soothing thought patterns which bring about calmness, serenity and lends that musical resonance to our thoughts without pressure, stress or tension. This kind of devotion was followed by great bhakti saints like Kabir, Namdev, Mirabai, the Namazhwars, Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, Tyagaraja and Tansen.

    Devotion helped bhakti saints to cultivate an awareness of soul through music. This awareness brought them clarity from the ocean of thoughts that tend to cause storms and imbalances in the mind. Devotion brings about focus and awareness with devotion makes possible the experience of unconditional love. A sincere devotee comes to understand the import of true love and its essence. Remember here the difference between alertness and awareness. Alertness is focusing our thoughts on a particular task externally through the mind wherein awareness is being in focus of our tasks all the time through devotion and love.

    Devotion and love lubricate the soul and the absence of any friction makes possible the creation or discovery of the rhythm of the soul that is reflected in the cosmic rhythm. Music loosens the knotted heart knot known as rudragranthi. Seamless and fluid love helps to remove rusty thoughts and rigid mindsets and thus begins the clearing of all doubt. Shruti or rhythm converts itself in a musical form and this we call raaga.

    These raagas touch the base of our soul, which is the subtlest of the subtle energy within us. The rhythm we experience creates in us positive, divine thoughts from within like a series of air bubbles rising up to oxygenate fish in a fish tank. We enjoy these patterns of thoughts which bring about a serene, tranquil, blissful and calm state of mind in us -- where earlier we experienced much turmoil and lack of direction. This state brings about a visualisation and a state of realisation in us.

    Therefore sing, dance and experience joy, for life is beautiful. Music and devotion are happy ways of elevating our consciousness.
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