Why I Want To Buy iPad or iPad 2 When There Are Some Promising Android Tablets Available or Coming Soon
di - Why I Want To Buy iPad or iPad 2 When There Are So
di - Why I Want To Buy iPad or iPad 2 When There Are So

It been some time that my internal craving to get a tablet has increased, and now I want to get a tablet to make my life more digital. I have a great passion and love for gadgets I had used iphone 2g then iphone 3g and right now I am using iphone 4 which is best smartphone according to me, and when I say the best smartphone its not the apple fan boy which is saying this but it’s the geek in me and a user who loves the cool user interface of iphone and ease of use.

I never liked apple products only, but I bought the limited edition of Nexus one which is a great google phone running android, I love the how the UI in android, love the openness in android, as it becomes more available with different level of customizations. I said all the above things so that people who just hate apple and love android don’t say I am biased towards apple.

Now lets come to the point why I want to buy an iPad or upcoming iPad 2 when there are so many promising good tablet existing like Samsung Tab or some other great android tablet Motorola Xoom coming soon with Honeycomb 3.0 and with some really impressive hardware too.

Note: Before noting down my points, I agree with all those people who might say iPad ++++s, it does not have any USB or HDMI port, it does not have camera and its not based on open source OS like android has so limited in functions and features.

My Reasons – Why I Want To Buy iPad or iPad 2 Then Any Other So Called Great Android Tablet

Operating System – I think the OS running on iPad much better stable to run many apps together, and in case of apps crashing then any android tablet like Samsung Tab existing or available.

User Interface – Here, again I give this factor a great importance. iPad has a much better, responsive, less laggy user interface while using apps, switching in between them as compared to any other android tablet or device existing.

Fragmentation & No Integration - This is another bad thing which I see on android, where every OEM just come out with their own optimized version of android which works with their own hardware and even the upgrade to the next version is such a pain in any android device due to log time gap in between upgrade to next version of android. In short I want to say every device running android is different from each other, there is no integration which I see across all the device running the same OS, as it seems every android device is running a Jugad [ A Hindi Indian Word ] OS on the other hand this problem I don’t see at all when I see iOS optimized for iphone 4 or iPad.

Note: In order to know the meaning of Jugad, consult any Indian Engineer, he will tell you what does it mean if you can’t find it on google.

Battery – Short battery life is another problem which I see across all the android devices, each application you install and keep it running will have their bite from your android battery life, and it also make your user interface laggy and slow considerably which you can easily notice. I wont say this not at all happens in iphone or ipad but still it is very less and bearable, here you can kill the task or apps that you think are eating up your battery to save it.

No Code Of Conduct – In case of android, if I am a device manufacturer I can do what ever I want, I can take any bad slow hardware and some how make android running on it, people will buy it and then when OS does not respond to touch or seems laggy, users may not realize that it is hardware which is causing this. Google made android opensource, which gives advantage to some OEM so that they can do what ever they want with OS to make it work with their hardware, whether that approves some standard or not and finally people will curse the OS.

I waited for a 1 year after iPad launch to get to see if I can get better android tablet, but it looks like if this continues, as per my points above, I will never get to see a stable android device either a tablet or phone.

PS: This post is not complete, I may add some more points above as they come to my mind, please leave your comments if you agree or disagree with me on these points or even if you want to curse me for being an apple fan boy or add some point from your end which I have missed.

As I Say Always, I Am Not A Apple Fan – I Just Love Their Products Not The Company