Photo Collage Of Pictures As Your Desktop Background Wallpaper
di - Photo Collage Of Pictures As Your Desktop Backgrou
di - Photo Collage Of Pictures As Your Desktop Backgrou

Wallcast is a freeware application that brings life to your wallpapers. With this application, you can set pictures of your family, friends, or whichever picture you like as your desktop wallpaper. Wallcast is an interesting free wallpaper creator and free wallpaper changer, that allow users to select the pictures that are to made into a collage and transform your desktop wallpaper.

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To start using this service, first of all you have to register with your email id. After that choose the background theme and you will be allowed to upload five pictures you like from your computer. Next step is to add names and email ids of your friends. You can even skip this step but if you add their ids and names, they will be able to send their pictures to the Wallcast which in turn will get dynamically displayed on your desktop. You do not have to concern about the privacy as all the uploaded pictures will remain private and only people you invite can send you the new ones. After all these steps you will be given a wallpaper code, copy it. Next download the Wallcast application and install it and then paste that wallpaper code. You will see that your desktop wallpaper is now changed to the pictures of yours and theme that you selected.

Wallcast will sit at the system tray and you can change the settings just by right clicking on the Wallcast icon. You can even refresh wallpapers and manage your wallpapers. By default, it refreshes wallpapers in every 3 hours but you can change that. You can even load Wallcast on Windows startup.

Wallcast application turns your desktop background into a personalised display of pictures and allows your friends to send their pictures to your wallpaper directly. In the beginning, it may look little bit complicated but if you have friends and families, who you’d like to be in touch with by sharing photo’s, what better way than to have their photos displayed on your desktop and your photos displayed on their desktops!