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Thread: Translate Text In Foreign Language On Windows Phon

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    candel Translate Text In Foreign Language On Windows Phon

    If you like travelling a lot to different countries in the world. Since all these countries have different cultures of their own it becomes quite difficult to converse with someone who does not know a common language. Also it is not possible for a person to explore all the fun places until unless you are not able to talk to the locals and understand them or atleast know some basic important translations. At the same time it is also not possible for you to remember all the languages at the same time if you are a frequent traveler.

    So here we are with a solution for all the people who own a windows 7 phone, which anyways helps you in a lot of ways when you+ are on the go. This application known as the Pocket Translator enables you to use features like text to speech and others when you are abroad in a different country. This application is based on the metro design and performs well+ on the Windows 7 platform. It uses Google translator as a translator engine and the translations are pretty accurate in most of the cases.

    Capture thumb8 - Translate Text In Foreign Language On Windows Phon

    The best part is that it shows a number of alternate meanings if you try to translate a single word so that you don’t use something inappropriate at the wrong time. This application has a trial limit of 5 translation and you can simply give it a try before sending money on it.

    Some features of this app are as follows :

    • Translates 50 languages including Chinese and Japanese.
    • Translates Single words with alternate meanings.
    • Pronunciation tips
    • Common phrases
    • Send translations by SMS or emails
    • off line history
    So in my opinion this is a must have app if you are a frequent traveler to one of those countries who do not have English as a common language and with all the available features it will be really useful to you as a companion.

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    Nice Sharing
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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