Facebook Notifications As Desktop Alerts, Popup Messages [Windows]
di - Facebook Notifications As Desktop Alerts, Popup Me
di - Facebook Notifications As Desktop Alerts, Popup Me

Hey I just watched Social Networking and now I wanted to write something useful for Facebook, so here it is. Facebook, an interactive hub for 500 million users has now become a very important part of the curriculum on internet and soon it will become as important as food for your body. In this post I will be telling you about a great application related to Facebook and let me tell you that this application is supposed to be used on your system, I will also mentioned that how you can download and install it on your system.

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Just click the link mentioned below and then you will be directed to a page where in you can download this application by clicking on the yellow bar mentioned there. You are supposed to have Adobe Air installed on your system if you want to use that application and if you do not have it then it will automatically install that on your system. It will take around minutes to get download on your system if you are having 50KB/sec of internet on your system.

After you download then wait for this to get installed. After getting installed it opens the default browser and then allow that application the list permission that it wants from your Facebook account and then you will see an icon on the taskbar which will keep on popping up the new messages if there is any new feed or any other update or any new friend request or any status update made by any of your friend. So you can keep on doing work all the time and you will be prompted with all the updates made by your friends on the right hand side bottom of the screen. So you will available online on Facebook all the time and whenever you find anything important juts click that update and you will directed to that update in your default browser.

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