Port US Mobile Phone Number To Google Voice number
di - Port US Mobile Phone Number To Google Voice number
di - Port US Mobile Phone Number To Google Voice number

So, now a days when the mobile number portability has been launched in our country, Google has also taken an initiative in the same direction. You all must be knowing about the Google Voice web service also has its own number and this has been one of the most successful service in US. In this post I will be talking about the new feature known as number porting which has been introduced for Google Voice and I will also be telling you about the consequences which you might face after getting your number ported to Google Number.

So finally Google decided that now if you want to access all the services of Google Voice then you will not have to get your changed. You can use the same number to access Google Voice also. Google Voice I capable of managing 6 numbers at a time, so once you get your number ported to Google Voice your current mobile service subscriber will be unsubscribed and then you will have to get your now number along with a new mobile service plan.

Add that number in the forwarding list of Google Voice and then whenever anybody calls on your previous number then you will be able to see that call on your new number. You can do all the settings in your Google account. After getting your number ported you might face some difficulties using your mobile service for next 2 to 3 days and let me tell you that your number will be ported within next 24 hours after the request posted on your account settings. You service provider may charge you with extra charges on ending the service plan before the planned date and for porting the number you will be charged a fixed amount of 20$. So be careful about all the problem mentioned above and enjoy Google voice as you can.

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