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    candel Windows Phone 7 Best Twitter Software

    Windows 7 phones are getting popular day by day. With all the latest features and more to come it is surely going to be hit amongst all the age groups for sure. So these days phone are rated on how they can perform with different applications and features. At the same time Twitter has also got really popular as well. Twitter has become the famous platform for all the people who want to stay connected to each other and share their thoughts with all the people who want to follow.

    Now to if you have to connect these two things all together then you need to have an excellent application or a client which can cater to all your needs. So here we are with a new client called Seesmic. It has been quite a few time since this application was released but there were a few complaints about problems in displaying tweets and some other performance issues.

    images1 thumb1 - Windows Phone 7 Best Twitter Software

    So the latest version is out and there have been improvements done in order to settle down these issues and also added features. So this application has been released as the version 1.3 and this is supposed to be a much faster app than the previous version.

    Some more features are as follows :

    • Seamlessly manage multiple Twitter account
    • Explore and save Twitter Searches and Trending topics.
    • Find interesting people to follow in Directory
    • Browse Twitter Lists and share your location by Geo Tagging your plates.
    • Facebook supports lets you see your news feed and your friends comments in a clear way.
    • Post to multiple accounts at the same time
    • Share photos to the photo sharing service of your choice.
    New features in the 1.3 version are as follows :

    • Timelines are now cached for increased loading speed.
    • Speed and scrolling improvements throughout the app
    • Display of private and verified Twitter accounts
    • Added animations and transitions
    • Bug fixes
    Besides these there are still a few features that can be added Push notifications, running under lock screen etc. Still according to all the reviews it has to be one of the best twitter clients for windows 7 phone and should be tried at least once.

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