Google Started Showing Image Display Ads In Gmail Account In Right Sidebar
di - Google Started Showing Image Display Ads In Gmail
di - Google Started Showing Image Display Ads In Gmail

We mentioned earlier that Google will be using the space on the right side of the Gmail and it seems that they have finally used that space to their own benefits. Google is the best search engine in the present scenario and they also get the huge part of their revenue through Google powered advertisements so this time they have done something regarding so that they can facilitate the websites in their Google Powered advertisements by using the empty left space in Gmail. In this post I will be telling you the new look which has been observed in your Gmail account.

image thumb71 - Google Started Showing Image Display Ads In Gmail

You can see the snapshot of this new look in the snapshot shown above. We have highlighted the new version in the snapshot; this is the area in which the new advertisements have been added in your Gmail inbox. As per my reviews I always liked this empty space in my Gmail, it would have been better if they would have allowed use to any gadget on that space so that we can be in touch with the latest news while reading the mails or we can solve Sudoku while doing the same. I would suggest that the gadgets which are seen on iGoogle could have been added here in this small place, but Google was too mean to add these advertisements. I really hate them to see anywhere on the web page, specially I never wanted to see them in Inbox. I would say that it is a Turn Off that has been introduced in Gmail.

Let us see how the new users to Gmail will react to it, some of my friends changed their e-mail inbox from Yahoo to Gmail because of this reason only… but now Huff!!!! Open your Gmail and then see the new look of your Gmail account.

So, go for sharing this information with your friends and then please let us know that whether you agree or disagree with this new change, also mention about your views and response or suggestions regarding this new feature introduced in Gmail. Just put your views in the comments section, we will love to share it with all our other readers if we found it exceptional or useful on your behalf. Till then, keep reading and have a nice day.