Find Weather Information, Temperature With Your Smartphone Browser As Per Geo Location
di - Find Weather Information, Temperature With Your Sm
di - Find Weather Information, Temperature With Your Sm

When you have internet on your mobile then you would prefer to see weather conditions around you (especially when you are out), it was observed that users have been requesting Google to make a tool or introduce any other feature in relation to Google so that they can get the weather forecasts as easily as they can and Google finally with the solution to this problem of the mobile users. They have come up with a new feature in Google which will help you to see the weather conditions around you in a single click. In this post I will be telling you about this new feature in Google mobile.

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Next time when you will type whether on the Google search engine page then you will see a result in which all the information related to the weather of your location will be given to on the results page. You can see the temperature of the location and then if you scroll down a little then you can have a look at the speed of the wind and the level of humidity of the area in which you are currently located. All of this information will be updated every hour on that same page, so if you want to have a look at the weather forecasting then you can see that page after every hour to get the new results.

If you will keep scrolling down the results page then you will see Google search results of other websites in the same manner as they used to appear earlier. So in short I would say that whenever you will type this word in Google Search Engine you will see a separate section in the results page displaying the weather information of your areas and rest will be the same.

So, go for sharing this information with your friends and then please let us know that whether you agree or disagree with this new change, also mention about your views, response or suggestions and the considerable effects which the new change may cause on you or on your internet usage routine. Just put your views in the comments section, we will love to share it with all our other readers if we found it exceptional or useful on your behalf. Till then, keep reading and have a nice day.