Transparent, See Through Windows Lock Screen [For Windows 7 & Later]
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di - Transparent, See Through Windows Lock Screen [For

Locking your system before going anywhere is very necessary so that anyone else cannot use your system in your absence. Most common way to lock your system is by pressing “Windows logo key + L”. As soon as you press this key, you will be taken to system logon screen and you will be unable to see the background activities, which could be copying some file, playing of video, chat app and many more. However, if you have programs running on your system that you want others to see while you are away but without giving them access to the system, try ClearLock.

ClearLock is a small size freeware application that provides transparent layer to your desktop allowing others to see which programs are running on your system and at the same time prevent access to your system without proper password. It barely consumes main memory of your system.

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First of all download this application from the link given at the end of this article. As it is a portable app, so need to install. Just click on ClearLock.exe to run it. When you will run this application for the first time on your system, it will ask for the password, once you have entered the password, it gets saved. Now your system desktop will be locked. You can see the programs running but will be unable to access as it will ask for correct password to have access to your system. If you enter invalid password for three times then you will be unable to enter password for the next five minutes.

However, if you forgot the password you entered before, don’t panic, just go to ClearLock folder and delete .ini file to reset the password. Next time you will run this app, you can set new password.

ClearLock is a freeware application and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.