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Thread: Health: World's Cancer day today February 4th

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    cute Health: World's Cancer day today February 4th

    1. Hello Friends as you know World Cancer day is
      observed on February 4th every year. On this
      occassion I give you below few precautions
      that you can follow and convey to others also
      to keep this dreaded disease away...

      Crores of new cancer cases are diagnosed every
      year and lacs of deaths occcured all over world
      every year.

      Among men , most common cancers are Larnyx,
      Lungs, tounge and prostate and while in women
      Breast, Cervix, ovary and gallbladder are common.

      Major Risk Factors:

      1. Use of tobacco and alcohal
      2. Low Fruit and Vegetable intake.
      3. Air and water pollution through
      4. Viral Infections due to Hepatitis B
      5. Being overweight or Obese.
      6 Phyical inactivity.
      7. Exposure to ionic and UV rays.
      8. Indoor smoke of household fuel.

      Cancer Prevention:

      1. Avoid risk Factors.
      2. Vaccinate against HBV, HPV.
      3. Reduce direct from sun light.
      4. Control occupational hazards.
      5. Healathy nutrious diet of Fruits
      and green vegetables
      6 Regular Health Checkup and
      cancer screening.
      7. Natural feeding to child.
      8. No smoking and chewing of tobacco.
      9. Avoid alcohal (Sharaab) 10.Do not eat too much refined/
      prserved food. Avoid Red meat
      Prefer Chicken and Fish.
      11. Do not neglect or postpone
      recurrent or chronic disease.


      * Cancer is not a communicable disease.
      * Cancer occurs with out any warning.
      * Prevention is better than cure.
      * Cancer is detectable in early stage.
      * Cancer is curable if detected and
      treated early.

    2. * Always seek advice of General
      Physcian and Cancer Specialists
      ( Oncologist)

      Compiled by;

      R. M. Dixit
      progress - Health: World's Cancer day today February 4th

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