Program Your Computer To Run Software, Kill Process & Do More When Its Idle
di - Program Your Computer To Run Software, Kill Proces
di - Program Your Computer To Run Software, Kill Proces

Emergency! Emergency! and you have to leave your system in whatever state it was. You don’t have time to shut down your system. Sometimes you might be in a hurry that you can’t even close the windows you were using. At that time, there comes the demand of an automated utility that can perform certain tasks for you. And it is must if you don’t want the surroundings to know about your work. To handle all these issues successfully, I would like to review a tool named as System Silencer. The utility will handle your system if it is idle for more then the programmed time.

System Silencer is a small freeware of 525 KB only. And it will help you to maintain your privacy to a large extent. You just have to set the time after which your system must not be accessible to others and the matter is solved. Select the options according to your requirement. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.

sshot 14 thumb6 - Program Your Computer To Run Software, Kill Proces

The categories as shown are the action to be performed, modes: desktop mode, battery mode and revert action and the idle time after which the action is to be performed. The idle time can be selected from 0.5 to 120 minutes from the list.

You can go through the description given below to understand the action performed by each option:

  • Toggle mute: Switch between mute and unmute if the system is idle or resumed.
  • Toggle show desktop: Switch between if the desktop is to be displayed.
  • Toggle taskbar icons: Icons on the taskbar will not appear to hide the underlying tasks.
  • Toggle desktop icons: Hide the desktop icons.
  • Hide Window(s): The windows will not be displayed in the idle time. You have to mention the list of windows that must not be displayed. Click on List and a dialog box as shown below will appear to fill the data.
sshot 1 thumb5 - Program Your Computer To Run Software, Kill Proces

  • Kill Process(es): The process to be stopped in mentioned in the list as above.
  • Run program/file(s): The urgent programs can be set to run at that time.
  • Turn off monitor(s): The monitor will be turned off.
  • Lock workstation: The system will be locked automatically.
  • Shutdown: The option consists the drop down menu to select shut down, reboot and log – off and hibernate. So, you can easily safeguard your system with the password.
Make the required changes and click on SAVE AND APPLY! The utility has been updated to perform the functions as demanded.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7, and it is compatible with other versions also.