Symbian Will Be Completely Dead After This Year
di - Symbian Will Be Completely Dead After This Year
di - Symbian Will Be Completely Dead After This Year

In one of the previous articles I mentioned about the deal between Nokia and Microsoft over the mobile Operating System Windows Phone 7. There we also mentioned that the only factor which was setting Nokia back was their Mobile OS, Symbian and this deal might be a very good option for Nokia and Microsoft both. In this I will be telling you more about the life of Symbian and how long Nokia is going to be with their former Mobile OS.

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If you have taken a careful look at the new amendments by Nokia in their Operating System, then you must have observed the MeeGo, the OS which was based on Linux and seen on few of the phones of Nokia but despite of these efforts they were not able to mould the choice of their users to their OS. Finally Symbian is reaching its end it is supposed that by the end of year 2012 you will not be seeing Symbian anymore on Nokia phones as Windows Phone 7 is going to completely dissolve that OS.

It will take some time for Nokia and Microsoft to complete the transition after they do so all the Nokia phones will be equipped with Windows Phone 7, well you can see the next expected sales of the OS and the mobile platforms from Nokia and then in the second snapshot shown below you can see the comparison between the RnD investment in year 2010 and the upcoming years after the introduction of this new OS. I know most of you would not have loved Symbian but still there few who liked it and now When Nokia OS is getting hard coded to Windows Phone 7, it will be a problem for the Google lover to enjoy that phone. But let us see that what will be the practical outcome of this amendment.

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