Google Search Engine Attacked By Proxy Hijacking
di - Google Search Engine Attacked By Proxy Hijacking
di - Google Search Engine Attacked By Proxy Hijacking

We have already mentioned about the criteria followed by Googlers to rank any site. In of the post on their official blog they mentioned that they do not give high priority to those website who are powered by Google Adds, rather they see the traffic and the useful content on the website to rank them and they also mentioned that they have been staying away from content farms. Moreover they also mentioned about the Google Chrome extension to block the sites which might trouble you (if they measures taken by them are still not helping you). But still we have got a problem over Google Search engine. In this post I will be talking about it.

image thumb51 - Google Search Engine Attacked By Proxy Hijacking

Google diverts a huge amount of traffic to any of the website and it obvious that some time website owners use some black methods to gain that traffic. One of these methods can be named as proxy hijacking, now this type of tweak helps the proxy sites to rank higher as compared to the other sites. Let us say that you own a website named and with the help of that site you are offering a very unique and popular tool known as XYZ (which is available only on your website). Now if any other user surfs to Google search engine and types the name of this tool then Google should show your name on the top, but if there is another proxy site (which is also offering the same tool by redirecting that user to you) and that site on the higher ranking as some compared to you, then this is proxy hijacking as it hijacked your position on Google Search Engine.

This was happened to and informed by TechPP, as you can see the screenshot which clearly displays the hijacking happened to them, as the tool offered by them has been redirected by a proxy site which is ranked higher as compared to them.

This is the problem with which Google Search is dealing these days, but I am sure they will getting rid of this problem as soon as possible. So, go on sharing this piece of information with your friends and then please let us know about your own views and suggestion or if you have got anything new related to this post then just put them down in the comments sections and we will be glad to share it with all the readers on your behalf (if we found it genuine and useful). I am sure that this will really help you to work intelligently on internet. So, keep reading and surfing!!!

[Source: TechPP]