Orkut Giving Movie Passes On 19th and 20th Feb
di - Orkut Giving Movie Passes On 19th and 20th Feb
di - Orkut Giving Movie Passes On 19th and 20th Feb

By the title of this post You must have got an idea that Orkut is distributing the tickets of latest movies on these weekends but till now in India these are restricted only to Mumbai. It is a nice marketing strategy adopted by Orkut to increase their popularity. Orkut is already very popular in Brazil and after Facebook they can be considered as the another best social networking website in our country. But in this post we will be talking about this new feature of Orkut which can help you to get a movie ticket of the latest movie released on this weekend.

image thumb55 - Orkut Giving Movie Passes On 19th and 20th Feb

We have mentioned the link at the bottom of the post, you will just have to go to that page and then you will have to type the review of a movie, put any comment or write any of the funny innovative story from your side. Put any of these mentioned above on that page and then you might be lucky to win that award. Well I will say that it is a nice strategy to make their webpage popular as most of the users will be putting their comments on the posts of that webpage for the movie tickets.

This is no just once thy will be doing so every week and then they will be including all the states from the country but this might take sometime. This time Mumbaikars are lucky to have this offer in their state, so share this with your friends so that you can put your efforts in combination for the efficiency of getting the prize. Please mention your name here if you manage to get the movie tickets.

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