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    Default Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]

    Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]
    di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]
    di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]

    Readers check out some useful web applications, web sites and web startups which gives you free service to keep yourself updated with all new start ups coming up every day. Lets have a look what special is there in our kitty for you this week.

    Organize Meeting Minutes & Agenda Online

    Meetings are an integral and important part of an organization. Many a times we realize that the end result of a meeting is not what we had desired or expected. The most common reason for this is improper planning of the meeting. Agreedo is an online meeting manager. It helps you plan the meeting in an organized way, which will help you reach a conclusion and achieve the tasks within the set deadline. Another important task in a meeting are the minutes of meeting. Taking down minutes of meeting also determines the success of the tasks to follow. Continue Reading

    Agreedo 3 - Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]

    Create An Online “Contact Us” Page For Your Website

    Are you a website owner and using it as a medium to reach out to a lot of people? Then why is it that your “Contact Us” page does not give any vibes of you being accessible? This detailed information on your website goes a long way in helping you connect with your readers, customers and earn their trust. Continue Reading

    screenshot12 640x320 - Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]

    Access Popular Networking Sites From Your Email Without Using Proxy

    Wouldn’t it be great to access all the web sites directly from your inbox? How about accessing your favorite social networking sites right under your boss’ nose and he doesn’t even get a hint of it (hey! we’re not promoting leisure and networking activities online while at work). If the idea itself excites you, then read more to know more about this latest service. Continue Reading

    Flexamail 640x306 - Useful Web Services & Tools [#13]

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