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Thread: Bollywo. John Ibraham badly injured instunt scence

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    cute Bollywo. John Ibraham badly injured instunt scence

    thumbcms?msid7669511&ampwidth300&ampresizemode4 - Bollywo. John Ibraham badly injured instunt scence
    John Abraham

    John Abrahamis the macho guy of Bollywood. With a sturdy and well worked out body, he can surely be the best pick for a super hero film.

    But even he is not infallible. A couple of days ago, the actor had a bad fall while shooting for a stunt scene for Vipul Shah's production, Force.

    The stunt required him to jump from one moving goods train to another. Instead of landing on his feet he lost his balance and fell on his back over a heap of stones.

    The actor was severely injured and suffered as many as 40 injury marks on his back. Despite being given an immediate medical attention, John was visibly in discomfort. But the actor braved and finished the shot he was required to.

    In December last year too, again while he was shooting for force, John had a ligament tear and was in excruciating pain.

    A source who was present on the sets while John met with the accident, says, "John seems to be getting injured time and again.

    Earlier he was injured at Filmcity and now at the Jogeshwari yard. He had a bad fall and his entire back was injured badly and there were injury marks."

    Producer Vipul Shah said, "We were shooting a scene with two moving goods trains. John had to jump from one to another.

    Although all the precautions were taken, this is something that can never be controlled. He was supposed to land on his feet but he fell on his back, the compartment of the goods train was full of stones which hurt him badly.

    The impact with which he fell down was huge and that's why he got hurt badly. Both, my director Nishikant Kamath and I were extremely scared. We were scared that he might have severely injured his spinal chord.

    When we saw his back, he had as many as 40 injury marks and scratches all over. We somehow finished the shot as it was the last day of this schedule. He is now taking rest."

    Now that the schedule is over and John can rest and get back in shape. We wish you a speedy recovery, John.
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    Default Re: Bollywo. John Ibraham badly injured instunt sc

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    like karlo
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    jismEin mEre tU hOta nahi.

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