Iomega Skin Hard Drive Detailed Review, Hands On Photos & In Box Contents Info
di - Iomega Skin Hard Drive Detailed Review, Hands On P
di - Iomega Skin Hard Drive Detailed Review, Hands On P

Its been some time we have been using iomega, one the best part about these cool hardware drives is their design, great build quality, light weight and ultimate strength. Once you feel them your hands you know your data is safe in these drives as they don’t break, fell apart like other portable drives very prone to damage. On the other hand they are eye catching looks and design and is available in 3 styles (Red Hot, Radical, and Knock Out) with up to 500GB capacity which are powered with USB 2.0 interface comes for 4000 INR or 119$

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The USB interface on these ultra portable hard drive does not require any power supply, the cable which comes with the drive drives the power and the data inside from your computer when you connect them. There are two USB connecting cords which should be connected to the adjacent USB ports on your computer one of them will draw power and another one will used for data transfer as shown in the image below.

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When it comes to the form factor of these drives they just take like small 2.5 inch footprint, and they are so small that you can easily carry one in your jeans pocket without much trouble. However these drives does not come with a 1Tb option. Following some other key features of iomega skin drives

Key Features

  • Available in three different designs
  • Uses Iomega’s “Drop Guard” to protect from dropping up to 51 inches (at least to carpet)
  • Includes Iomega’s backup software, via download
  • Works with PC or Mac
  • MRP: $119 or 4000 INR for 500GB

  • Bus powered
  • Small size, build quality feels good
  • Offers an alternative to the plain old box design
Iomega Skin Drive Close Up Pictures

Iomega skin drives also comes with a free software called vclone which will allow you to make a clone of the whole OS of your computer with all the files, which you can take with you on the go and using vclone software on some other computer you can use your computer, and sync back all the changes when you some back with you home computer or laptop. This is one revolutionary feature which does not come or supported with any other portable drives in the market right now.

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IomegaŽ v.Clone™ software is a technology developed by EMC utilizing VMware technologies. Iomega v.Clone enables you to capture a complete virtual image of your PC onto an external Iomega hard drive, use the image on another PC as if you were working on your primary system, then sync any data changes back to your primary PC. This unique solution let’s you take your operating system, files, settings, and applications wherever you take your external Iomega hard drive. Plug your Iomega hard drive into an available PC and enjoy using all your applications including office software, email programs, games, and browser favorites. Easily access, edit, and save files to your hard drive. No data is left behind on the secondary computer, so your files are kept secure. Then, sync all your data back when you return to your primary computer. Take your hard drive when you travel without the hassle of packing an entire laptop.

Conclusion: Iomegaskin hard drive is a great hard drive with some unmatched features, with great built quality, some nice designs and worth the price for backing up your precious data or take entire operating system on your computer on the go with you.