10 Great Features Of Windows 7 Professional For Small Medium Business
di - 10 Great Features Of Windows 7 Professional For Sm
di - 10 Great Features Of Windows 7 Professional For Sm

Small and Medium business have a marketing, selling, planning, and building solutions for business customers. Windows 7 is no doubt a great operating system and today we will tell you how windows 7 can be the best choice for any small or medium business to scale and manage the workflow in their organization.

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Following are some key features of windows 7 professional which can be really useful for small & medium enterprise business

1. Many small and medium business might be using windows xp on some of their old machines or they might have some programs and apps which runs on windows xp only, in such case windows 7 allows the Windows XP Mode allows to run many older Windows XP programs from your Windows 7 desktop.

2. With windows 7, you don’t need subversions as you can restore to the previous versions and safeguard against accidental deletions and changes of important business related files and documents.

3. With Internet Explorer 8 ships with windows 7 professional version, it makes browsing more secure and prevent malware and phishing attacks to reach your computer having potential business level important data.

4. With windows 7 professional backup of important files and data becomes more fun and easy process, so that you don’t lose if network goes down or even if some major hardware failure occurs, in such cases you will have the backup of important data in place.

5. Windows 7 professional allows to lock and encrypt important files and document on windows without requiring any additional software which in turn very useful for many small and medium business to protect the confidential documents stored on some windows 7 computer.

6. Windows 7 Professional comes with another great software which protect from major threats and data loss which is really a serious issue faced by many organizations these days.

7. Windows 7 Professional running on a business laptop can be optimized to save battery to get more work done, because of its optimized power plans to save power.

8. Windows 7 Professional allows you to access file and programs even from remote locations without requiring you to physically present, with the help of remote desktop this is another great features which becomes really useful in business to access important business files and documents.

9. Windows 7 professional also bring the cool new library feature allows you to organize and categorize files more easily with the help of windows 7 libraries.

10. Location aware printing which comes with windows 7 professional is another great feature of small and medium organization to save time and money by sending the print job to the right printer at work or at home.

We hope you agree with us on all the points we have mentioned above, just in case if you want to discuss any of these points or just want to add any new more features of windows 7 professional to the above list please leave a comment, we would love to add it to the list of points above.