Useful Web Services & Tools [#14]
di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#14]
di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#14]

Readers check out some useful web applications, web sites and web startups which gives you free service to keep yourself updated with all new start ups coming up every day.

Convert & Download Movies From YouTube, MySpace and Other Video Streaming Websites

Do you know you can download movies/ films from websites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Break Or Others? So many times we come across interesting videos, movies on websites that we want to store on our local machine for different reasons. If you looking for an easy way to download videos from web then here is a list of services that will allow you to download any streaming video file from anywhere on the web. Continue Reading

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Get All Your Social Network Updates & News Into Your Inbox

Are you feeling a social overdose, thanks to your presence on multiple social networking sites and not to mention, and countless hours spent sifting through them to catch up on the latest buzz. Nothing unusual as most of are completely smitten by this social bug. If you are also an average Jack looking for ways to stay on top of all the important information on the fly without wasting productive time, here are two very useful+ sites to be used to get all your social news straight into your inbox. Continue Reading

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How To Send Private Messages To Group Of People On Twitter?

Umagram is a new application which help you connect and share privately with anyone on Twitter. Although Twitter allows users to privately converse using its Direct Messaging(DM) feature but with a limitation to converse only with people who follow them not vice versa. This kind of conversation can only be done between two people which means the possibility of group conversion using DM is not there. Continue Reading

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