Self Timer Photo Capture In iPhone Camera
di - Self Timer Photo Capture In iPhone Camera
di - Self Timer Photo Capture In iPhone Camera

There are times when you may want the camera in your iphone to take picture using some self timer in case when you need to take a self portrait shot or just in another case when you want some one to take a shot who is not used to the controls and touch screen of iphone, so in case if you ask them to take a shot they might by mistake press the home button rather than tapping on the screen.

In such cases a self timer app which can easily make your camera click the photo, and you or some other person just need to hold the iphone still in hands. There are some number of apps which could help you assign a timer to the iphone camera and then it can take a photo or number of photo depending in the application.

074 thumb - Self Timer Photo Capture In iPhone Camera073 thumb - Self Timer Photo Capture In iPhone Camera

1. Timer Auto Camera [ Free ] – Take group photos and set the time till photo capture. Then run as fast as you can to get in the group, and viola you are also now in the photo. Auto camera allows you to set a timer of 5 , 15 & 30 seconds time duration before taking a photo.

1. 5, 15, 30 Sec Till Photo Duration
2. Custom Photo Sec Duration
3. Front & Back Camera Support
4. Flash Light On/Off Option ( Only for iPhone 4 )
5. Tested In iOS 4.0

2. Autotimer [Paid 0.99$] – It is a full functional autotimer for your iPhone. It takes photos with a adjustable delay.
- Autotimer for your iPhone
- Selectable delay
- Accoustic signal 3 seconds before shutter closes
- Retake photos
- Save to your library

3. iTimer Camera Lite [ Free ] – iTimer Camera Lite is a Lite version of iTimer Camera. With iTimer Camera Lite, you can take a single pictures with 11 seconds selftimer camera.
Full version. iTimer Camera is an enhanced self timer camera on your iPhone. It allows you to take photos of yourself, a photo sequence of a dancing friend, or record exciting moments at your party.
- custom time interval
- single delayed shot – self-timer for taking single photos of yourself or yourself with your friends
- continuous mode – for making photo sequences of sunrise, dancing friend, or a flowering flower
- party mode is a virtual photographer at your party, who records exciting moments of your party. Just fix your iPhone to a stand or table, press ‘shoot’, and forget about it.
- sound signals let you know when to smile

4. just.SelfTimer [ Free ] – just.SelfTimer is its fourth application and provides a timer function for self shots. You can make your iPhone more useful with just.Series applications. Enjoy!
Supported Devices
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS

5. Camera Timer [ Paid 0.99$] - Set your iPhone and you can have 15, 30 or 45 seconds to join a group or to get into position for a self-portrait.The "Camera Timer" does the same as the "Camera", but now you can also choose how long you want the timer to wait before it takes a picture.
The last 10 seconds can optionally be set with a sound to warn you about the shot.
Have fun!