Alert: Telenor to Charge Rs. 2 for Helpline Calls, Even More in fact!

Telenor, in an advertisement published recently, said that they will charge helpline calls at Rs. 2.39 including taxes, from April 09, 2011.

These Rs. 2.39 charges would be in addition to IVR charges of 28 paisas.

If you are little confused, read on to better understand the charging mechanism,
If you call helpline and donít speak with CRO:
25 Paisas + 3 paisas (taxes) = 28 paisas
If you dial 345, you will be charged 28 paisas straight away. Meaning that you will be charged 28 paisas for listening to IVR. If you donít speak with Customer Representative officer, your total charges will be 28 paisas and thatís it.

Speaking with CRO:
Rs. 2 + 39 paisas (taxes) + 28 Paisas (IVR charges) = Rs. 2.79
if you connect to Customer Representative officer, you will be charged Rs. 2.39 (including taxes) plus the IVR charges, which are 28 paisas. So your total charges will be Rs. 2.79 to seek help from your own operator.

Why Charges on Helpline Calls:
Though, a common man canít understand the idea of charging helpline calls, but Telenor in its announcement said:
ďTo keep our valued subscribers enjoying the best customer care services, we are announcing a revision in our existing call ratesĒ
So apparently it looks that Telenor may employ more CROs to make your helpline calling experience little better, but wait, thatís what they said last time Ė when they increased helpline call charges from 50 paisa to Rs. 1.00.
I think we better not comment on how much the quality of service has improved since then, instead we would recommend you to read this guide if you want to decrease wait time during helpline calls.
By the way, Mobilink is also charging Rs. 2 for helpline calls.
Telenor Call charges to customer center thumb - Telenor to Charge Rs. 2 for Helpline Calls
Image via PakTelecom