Google YouTube Video Instant Thumbnail Images Preview
di - Google YouTube Video Instant Thumbnail Images Prev
di - Google YouTube Video Instant Thumbnail Images Prev

Now when the Google has already improved their search engine with the instant preview, they are still working on the way the results are shown on these results page. Instant previews helped the users to get an idea about the web sites which are being displayed in the Google search results. When it comes to images then Google has their separate image search to solve the purpose, but till now they have not got anything particular for the video search. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature which has been added in the Google search for the videos.

image thumb18 - Google YouTube Video Instant Thumbnail Images Prev

Recently we mentioned that now a days Google is testing their feature to show all the links for the websites on the results page itself. Now Google has come up with a feature which will help you to see the videos clearly in the instant preview, now you will be able to see the short form of the videos right in the instant preview. By default there will be no volume for that video but you can listen to the volume by just enabling the volume by clicking the icon on the left top of the preview. Initially it was not possible for the users to see the videos in the instant preview as flash does not support that format.

So, Google came with this idea wherein you will be able to see the instant preview of the videos with the help of the screenshots in it. The feature has been spotted on few locations, so if you are not able to see this feature then do not get impatient it will be available to you in a while. Now instant preview will also be helpful for the users if they want to get the preview of the videos in the instant preview.

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