Facebook Web Search Coming Soon [Rumor]
di - Facebook Web Search Coming Soon [Rumor]
di - Facebook Web Search Coming Soon [Rumor]

Few days some of the users happened to see another search box on the Facebook account. Now most of us interpreted that this might be another step taken by Microsoft to improve their search engine. Users mentioned that if you type anything in that search box then you will be able to search that keyword in the Bing search Engine. Now, this is nothing when you think of the competition between Bing and Google search engine. In this post I will be telling you more about that search text box which has been added in Facebook recently.

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Now a days when there is a cold war between Bing and Google, it seems that they will do anything to be ahead in the completion, but as per the statistics Bing stands nowhere near to Google and everybody knows about the facts, Bing recently also tried to copy the search results of the Google search engine in order to improve the search results of the Google search. If Bing can go this far then getting a search text field over the Facebook account is not an unexpected move.

One of the spokesperson from Facebook clearly stated that Facebook is not testing any of the new text fields which can search anything out of Facebook. As per my point of view they will never do so, why will they want to direct their users out of Facebook. So, expecting a second search text field was great blunder. He added that some of the hackers and spammers might be aiming some of the browsers to show that second text field at the top of the Facebook page.

There must be certain browser which will show you that text field. So, in order to solve that problem you can take the help of online virus scanning tool made by McAfee, which will help you to get rid of that spam attacking your browser. I know that this news might be disappointing to some of the Bing lovers, but then it is the truth ;P.

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