Amazon 5 GB Free Space Online To Upload & Share Files
di - Amazon 5 GB Free Space Online To Upload & Share Fi
di - Amazon 5 GB Free Space Online To Upload & Share Fi

Cloud computing, is one of the technologies which is revolutionizing the technology these days and after reading the news mentioned below you will also agree with me. Amazon is ready to provide you a space of 5GB for free; you must have got the idea of the news after taking a look at the title of the post. You need not to worry about keeping the music files on your system; rather you can use that space for storing something confidential on your system. Just take a look at the post to get to know more about this cloud space offer.

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Amazon has started to offer 5GB space to all the users for free, but if you are not satisfied with this space and you wish to extend this space by more space like 20 Gb or 50GB then you will have to pay $20 and $50 respectively per year and if you still lots of more space than the previous one, then they have got a deal for you which is worth $1000 per year for every Terabyte. Let me tell you about a punch in this whole information, if you go for buying a Music album from Amazon then your cloud space will be upgraded to 20 GB and I think that it’s a great deal.

You just have to get an Amazon account and then you will be able to get that 5GB space. If you have got some of the music on that cloud space, then you can go for playing that music from the Amazon Application for the Android but till one iOS users cannot get this feature for them. I think free 5GB space will be very much helpful for the users who tend to keep most of their documents online which can help them to access it from anywhere in this world. Just click the link mentioned below to go for registering for the cloud drive.

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