Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Without Rooting
di - Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Wit
di - Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Wit

Bloggers like us are always busy reviewing latest devices and gadgets and their applications as well. For the very purpose of reviewing an application and making you people understand the working, functionality and usefulness, we need to take screenshots of the same.

Now for you readers the screenshots might seem to be a work of few seconds, indeed it is for Nokia & iPhone mobile phones but when it comes to capturing the screen of an Android based application things are too tricky to be understood in a small time. As far as Nokia is concerned they provide Screensnap named application for taking screenshots while for iPhone we can simply press the lock and home buttons simultaneously to capture the screen.

Widgets and Applications are the only features of an Android phone that add to charm to it and draw your attention as well and to perform the task of taking pictures of a particular screen the process demands an appreciable download time for the SDK which eventually lets you do the above.

Instructions For Taking Screenshots On Your Android Based Phone

  • To start off with it you first need to download the Android SDK from here and install it on your personal computer.
  • Once you are done with installing the SDK kit, plug in your device and connect it with USB debugging mode ON. In case you don’t know how to set the device to Debugging mode, go to Settings–Applications–Development–USB Debugging and check the box.
  • After doing all the above, navigate to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools and run ddms.bat file.

Android SDK Kit thumb - Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Wit

  • Run the ddms.bat file and you will experience two pop up windows, one being a black one while the other an interface. Minimize the black one and look for the name of your device on the main screen of the other window.

Android ddms thumb - Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Wit

  • On the very same interface look for the Device tab, click on Screen Capture or directly press Ctrl+S.+ Another window will open up with the same screen as on the phone and now you can save a copy of it. In order to take another screenshot , open the screen on your device and the click refresh on the window on your desktop and like this you can take as many screenshots as you wish. For further assistance take a look at the image shown below.

Android Screen capture thumb - Save, Capture Screenshots Android Phone Screen Wit

So now you have become familiar with the process and I guess things would be a lot simpler for you people.