Google Buzz Privacy Policy Changes
di - Google Buzz Privacy Policy Changes
di - Google Buzz Privacy Policy Changes

So, Google has updated something important on Google buzz, I know that most of you might not be familiar with this feature on Gmail but we will be talking about it. Making a Google buzz is quite similar to tweeting on twitter. Initially there was some flaw with the privacy policies of the Google buzz due to which many of the users were annoyed. Now the problem lies in the fact that the policies are not in full compliance with the privacy of a user and so it make them difficult to even think of using Google Buzz.

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Moreover the users who used this new feature assuming that they are not going to lose any of the private information, have already made a mistake and that is the reason that Google has taken this blunder very seriously and thus they have apologized for this mistake. They have also assured that now they will come up with the new set of policies which will take care of all the transparency and the privacy expected by a user. It was observed that there was some problem with the data being shared on Google Buzz and that is the reason they took this initiative.

They also mentioned that they have taking care of the content shown to you by them and that can be clearly visualized in Google dashboard and Google Ads Preference Manager which will be tailoring the content of the ads for your profile. I strongly feel that Google takes care of all the data a user is sharing with Google and thus it will take care of these blunders quite effectively. Now let us see what all will be the new updates in this new Google Buzz.

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