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Gol Chakkar Official Trailer

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS0AE44PmI4]YouTube - Gol Chakkar Official Trailer[/ame]

Gol Chakkar is inspired by a short film (Sole Search) the directors Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea shot a year ago. Their previous short film sole search got pretty-famous all over the internet with thousands of youtube views (Well-done). It was a short film about an American born Pakistani, who returns to Islamabad for his winter break. Venturing out into Jinnah Market to find a pair of knock off Nike shoes, he comes across ‘Candy bhai’ – A fast talking, street smart, naughty boy. The unlikely duo are stuck with each other for the night as we get a peek inside the world of a ‘Jinnah-boy’.

Now, they are back again with their second short film it is called “Gol Chakkar” and this time ‘Candy Bhai’ is not alone.

Now we meet his real friends and even his little nephew, Teddy. What might be an ordinary day in Jinnah Market spirals out of control when the gang heads over to Pindi, a place where Candy’s antics are much less appreciated. The boys have stepped on the wrong toes this time, the toes of men; the paws, of Shera.

InCahoots Films, the production company of “Gol Chakkar” plans to release it this summer 2011. This short film is directed by Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea, and also written by Aisha Linnea whereas it is produced also by Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea under InCahoots Films.

The ‘star-cast’: Ali Rehman Khan, Hasan Bruun Akhtar, Usman Mukhtar, Salmaan Ahmed Shaukat, Uzair Jaswal, Adil Gul, Saboor Pasha, Asad Ali Shigri.