Stefano Domenicali believes that Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel could get along as team-mates at Ferrari.

13802 - Vettel and Alonso 'could coexist' at Ferrari - Domenicali

Vettel has admitted that one day he would like to drive for Ferrari, and reports recently suggested that he may even have signed a pre-contract agreement with the team for 2014. Though Vettel denied those reports, Domenicali said that he doesn't agree that Vettel would only be able to fit in to the team once Alonso no longer drove for Ferrari.

"I think they are both intelligent guys and they could easily coexist together," he told the official Ferrari website during a joint interview with Bernie Ecclestone.

Ecclestone also felt that the two could be team-mates, saying it would be a good challenge for each of them.

"That wouldn't be a problem," Ecclestone said. "Both are drivers who are always looking for a new challenge and to be in the same team would be a new and big challenge. They would both think they can bear the other one, as they are sure of themselves and Stefano would do what was required to so that they were treated equally. It would be a case of doing what I did at Brabham in 1979 with Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet. I told them, 'guys it's simple: whichever one of you is quickest is the team number 1.'"

Ecclestone also said that he felt it was too early in Vettel's career to make the switch.

"I wouldn't advise him to, as he's still too young! Usually, a driver ends his career at Ferrari, therefore it could happen one day."