Mark Webber says this year's Red Bull is proving to be a versatile car, even if it has not dominated in the manner of previous cars.

14154 - RB8 a good all-rounder - Webber

Red Bull leads the constructors' championship and has scored at least eight points at each round this season, with Sebastian Vettel and Webber third and fourth in the drivers' championship. Webber said the team has shown consistency this season and believes that will count for a lot over the course of the year.

"We have good guys in the team and we work very hard to understand most things that we can," he said in Valencia. "There can be frustrations sometimes and you want a better result, but ultimately we do what we can to the car to get the maximum out of it and it is working quite well in all conditions I would say. We haven't been extremely uncompetitive anywhere and we haven't been dominant anywhere. We've been very, very consistently strong, I would say."

He said Red Bull is still in strong shape despite its competitors closing the gap since last year.

"I think the constructors' is evidence of where the teams are - how the cars have performed and how the drivers have performed from the off. That's down to the pit stops, the boys, reliability and all sorts of stuff - that is what makes up a full Formula One season. We didn't win the last grand prix, but we didn't have the pace to win the last grand prix. Nevertheless we have a lot of points in the constructors' so we are the hunted, we have had a phenomenal few years and we still are in great shape as a unit.

"We are strong at most venues, but we are not dominating at all and we could leave here not leading the constructors' or leading both championships. It's still early days, but it's a testament to the team and how organised we are."

And Webber said his team would continue to bring updates to the car, even if they tend to suit one driver over another.

"We are always trying to improve the car and if that means in a way that sometimes doesn't suit Seb or might not suit me, ultimately we have to improve the car to make it quicker at all venues."