Kimi Raikkonen admits that his season has gone better than expected so far but that he is now disappointed not to have won a race.

15244 - I want more - Kimi Raikkonen

With Raikkonen returning to Formula One with a Lotus team that had struggled at the end of 2011, realistically his chances of victory were fairly slim at the start of the year. However, the competitive Lotus looks more than capable of winning races but has yet to deliver on that potential in a close season, and Raikkonen admits that disappoints him.

"If you asked me before the start of the season whether I would be happy with podiums I would have said yes, but now I've had some good results, I want more," Raikkonen said. "In the last few races the results haven't been as strong as I've wanted. We've finished well but I'm disappointed not to have a win yet. We just have to get everything together and I'm sure it can come."

Looking ahead to the British Grand Prix, Raikkonen said he was looking forward to racing at Silverstone again having not done so since 2009.

"When I first raced there it was my real favourite. It's so fast and demanding which makes it very challenging. The corners really flow and it's all about long, sweeping high-speed corners and high downforce levels. Somehow it has been a good circuit for me since the very beginning. It will be interesting to see how the new section changes a lap, but I'm sure I'll learn it very quickly.

"When you win in Silverstone, it gives such a good feeling. You have to get everything exactly right. I won there in Formula Renault and then with Ferrari in 2007. It would be fantastic to win again there, especially with the factory just down the road. I'm sure we would have some fantastic celebrations."