Jenson Button has stressed that the idea of a track in London is a "hypothetical one", but admits he would like to see a second race in the UK take place in the capital.

15242 - London GP 'hypothetical' - Button

Button and Lewis Hamilton took part in a PR event for a McLaren sponsor on Thursday evening, racing around the streets of London on a virtual track. Button said that the idea of a race in London was one he liked, but that he did not think that the concept involved during the event was a realistic proposition.

"Personally, do I like the idea of having a London Grand Prix? Yes, the more grands prix in the UK the better," Button said. "But I'm not sure where it would be. There was talk of using the Olympic Stadium, which could be quite a lot of fun. I'm not sure you would be able to close down London for a grand prix, but it's a nice idea though, a great hypothetical track to drive."

Button added that the circuit that Santander had created - passing sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square - was exciting but would be tough to turn in to reality.

"The layout looks great, but of course there is a lot more to it than just having a good layout. It's been done in other cities, like Singapore, and of course Monaco is a little bit special as it's been there for 70 years.

"I don't know how difficult it would be to get a London grand prix up and running, but all we know is that it sounds like a great idea. Silverstone is very special, but it would be nice to have another grand prix on our doorstep. Obviously, the London track is a great hypothetical one to drive, but it is as appealing as the reality of the Silverstone circuit."