The whole world may have known by now, but Saif had always kept mum on this topic. But according to the latest reports, the regal horse has finally spoken on the matter. Though this is not a revelation of a story, but an FYI from the groom is generally much needed on such issues. While the mother-daughter duo, Sharmila and Soha, had already let the world know about the impending wedding, but the paparazzi were still curious about when either the bride or the groom would disclose the news personally. Kareena, the more social of the two, had neither denied nor confirmed whenever she was enquired about the wedding. But Saif has gone a step further in putting all the jitters to rest, by acknowledging the October wedding.
The rumour mills had always worked overtime speculating about one of the biggest Bollywood wedding celebrations in recent times, and the time has come at last when we are sure about when it is going to take place. October it is, but the date is yet to be decided. Get your tuxes and gowns designed by the best, people. You might just be invited to the most stylish marriage ceremony ever.