Mark Webber has defended Red Bull after the team has come under increased scrutiny for the design of its car.

15622 - Webber defends Red Bull innovations

The RB8 was found to have an engine map in Germany which, although a legal interpretation at the time, forced the FIA to close a loophole in the technical regulations. In Hungary a week later questions were raised over whether the team had been under investigation for an illegal ride-height system in Canada, but Webber said only issues surrounding Red Bull seem to become public knowledge.

"I think it's incredibly boring for most people," Webber is quoted by Reuters. "All we can do is keep passing every single test and we's not a one-make series, you can design a car to the regulations and that's what we do.

"I know other teams have been asked to address things with their cars, but they (the FIA directives) are not for general consumption. And some of ours do make the general consumption, which is just the way it's been."

Webber likened Adrian Newey to Apple founder Steve Jobs, saying Red Bull's chief technical officer is always keen to pioneer new developments.

"Is he the Steve Jobs of Formula One? If Steve Jobs had not got up and said the first Apple computer was the one to have, we wouldn't have had our iPads. And that's what Adrian does. We know there are a lot of teams that copy what we have and there's a lot of things where the interpretation of the rules gets changed and we take it on the chin as well."

And Webber added that there would be similar developments that become talking points in the future.

"Whether it's with the wings or whatever - and there'll be something else I promise you that will pop up - we will always pass every single test. Not one single team has protested us, because they know it's within the rules."