Dan Henderson has denied suggestions that Chael Sonnen was made aware of his injury before Jon Jones was.

31857 - Henderson denies tipping off Sonnen

Jones' camp has intimated that Sonnen may have been tipped off and in training, with the intention of stepping in for Henderson.
When Henderson did withdraw, Jones was offered Sonnen as a replacement, but turned down the opportunity, and the UFC 151 card was cancelled.
"Chael didn't know anything about it," Henderson said to the MMA Hour. "He had definitely not been training at all. My guys told me that Greg Jackson said in an interview that Chael was down training with me and getting ready for the fight and knew I was hurt.
"It was nothing like that at all. He wasn't even down here. I asked him if he wanted to come down and help me train a couple months ago, but he didn't come down."
Speaking about Jones' decision not to fight Sonnen, Henderson said: "Ultimately it was his decision not to take a fight with Chael. I don't think it's unfair that he's been blasted like that. All I know is, that's not the decision I would've made.
"Obviously he has his own reasons. I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't take a fight like that. Other than being injured, if I'm healthy, in shape and ready to fight that day, it doesn't matter who they want me to fight. I'll fight, especially if I'm champ."