Nico Rosberg says Mercedes improved performance at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend is entirely circuit specific with the W03 working well on Monza's long straights and in its tight chicanes.

15958 - Mercedes' improvement due to circuit - Rosberg

Rosberg qualified in the top ten for the first time since the European Grand Prix on Saturday, but says Mercedes still has problems to address.

"For sure it's circuit specific, we haven't brought any specific thing to improve the performance of the car," he said. "It's just a different package for this sort of track and this track seems to suit us a lot better than, for example, Spa and Hungary and that's an area we need to review and learn from - why our car is looking strong here and not at a place like Spa."

He said the pace has been obvious since the first practice sessions.

"On Friday it was already clear that it was much better and that's a really nice feeling with the car feeling better and you know you have a chance to be up there. Everything worked well and we've had a good qualifying so that's a good starting point for the race."

Rosberg is confident of making progress in the race.

"We prepared very well for it yesterday with long runs and we have a good idea of the tyres are going to do and everything. I'm quite confident we can have a good race and be in the region of where we were in qualifying and have a good race and even look forward."