Lewis Hamilton has called some of the speculation surrounding his future "rubbish" and insists it will not shift his focus from his championship challenge.

15997 - Hamilton not distracted by 'rubbish'

With his contract due to run out at the end of 2012 and rumours of a move to Mercedes in the pipeline, Hamilton's future has been gaining more column inches than any other story in the sport over the last two weeks. However, Hamilton maintains that he will not get distracted by the stories and is in no rush to put an end to the rumours.

"I don't have a timeline. My focus is on trying to win this world championship," Hamilton is quoted by Reuters. "Of course I do have to have those things sorted out but I do have people in the background working on those contract negotiations. There's a lot of speculation, there's a lot of stories that aren't true."

"I think we're all wise enough to understand that people write things and that what is written is not necessarily what is true. I think the most important thing is that I'm 100 percent focused on winning with this team and taking them forward. I've been with the team since I was 13 and we've worked so hard since 2009 to try and win this championship and hopefully, finally, we're in the position where we can. So the most important thing is that I do not get distracted by all the rubbish that's been around."

Having moved up to second in the championship, Hamilton also believes the gap to Fernando Alonso in the standings is mainly due to McLaren's mistakes rather than Ferrari's pace, and that gives him encouragement for the rest of the season.

"We lost a lot of points at the beginning. We were on the front row in the first seven or eight races where we should have won all of them. Barcelona, we really could have won that, we had the best car that weekend. But you know we learn from those experiences and that's what life is about.

"We're in a very, very strong position, we're getting stronger and we will get stronger through the rest of this year."