everyone have his own hidden part
everyone wanna cry and shout
wanna back with days
is there any doubt ?!
everyone have his own sense moments
but it always destroy our happy future moments
it makes us realize
that doesn't matter if, we're broken or not
sun will always rise
some people love to live normal life
and their dreams will be rive
others wanna live special life
but they'll pay
their happiness in each day
cuz in risks they'll dive
to be special is like walking on a knife
u can't get your friends with u or even your wife
u have to look directly to your future
life is like a butcher
expect everything from this perfidious life
face everything with strong determination
admit everything and don't care about people
admit if, you're ego , bad , selfish , feel that others are fool
life is a war and u can use anything or any tool
live to be unforgettable person
live to surprise the other
but be careful u'll bother
but As much as it hurts , ain't it wonderful to feel that you're special ?
so go on and open your wings
but if, you choose the other way so
follow your heart till it bleeds.
Poet : Alone Better
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