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Thread: ~Qaid-E-Tanhayi~ for posting 9999 Posts

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    Default ~Qaid-E-Tanhayi~ for posting 9999 Posts

    Assalaam-O-alaikum SDians,

    Please join me to extend our sincere wishes and CONGRATULATIONS to one of our sachii dost on this forum for posting 9999 posts... the number is so odd and so attractive that forced me to post this thread in her honor and respect.

    These are not just numbers, infact, she is been active in almost all the sections of SD...sharing her laughter, sharing her cooking talent, sharing her literature knowledge, and many more......

    ~Qaid-E-Tanhayi~; for being an active member of SD, your prenece is like a shiny star which keeps the sky of SD bright and shinning with its sparkling smile!

    Khush rahyeh aur isi tarah humaray darmayan apnii khoobsurat tehreeron aur apnii khobsurat guftaar say humaray chehroon per khushiyan bikhairtii rahyeh....

    Fi amaan ALLAH

    PS: I am sorry that I do not have any artistic image or any other beautifying message.... my words and sincere wishes are the only thing to appreciate your true effort... please accept them.

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