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    ASCII Art & ASCII Faces it is necessary to have an application with great collection of coolest Ascii art, symbol messages and emoticons that you can use daily to send to your love!

    DJkFbo8r4WXvfwhuwaYhcvKp9IBGtLVY ngmyQmeFkNFVoHPAUxgRt m7Y5kI52Iw720 h310 rw - ASCII Art & ASCII Faces8hDhpBPqepL 6y4oOKHDAVGgwbAJ2IU4H 9f1KESnN ersSxCHUoubXm0paP7OvD Qw720 h310 rw - ASCII Art & ASCII Faces

    Main functions of Symbol Emoji & ASCII Faces

    ★ ASCII art: message symbols are divided into 22 categories that you can use everyday or on special occasions.
    ★ Emoticons: Pretty Japanease emoticons and emoji symbols that divided into 52 categories with four main sections: emotion, animal, action, varied
    ★ Share all your favorite Ascii art & emoticons for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, ...
    ★ Search for list or view data in detail quickly and conveniently.
    ★ Add / Remove Ascii Art, emoticons to / from the favorites section, which makes your favorite symbol posts easy to search for later.
    ★ Search all your favorite data easily.
    ★ Quickly change Ascii Art & Emoticons categories by pressing drop down box in the upper corner, apply in both list and detail view.
    ★ Background to romantic piano music while using this application.
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