Use this love heart photo frame app to create photo collages and add flower, love symbol sticker to decorate it ... Text option also included with this application to create text and love phrases on frame. Different kinds of love photo frames in this app and make love photos with frame. Beautiful stars come alive with touch interaction when u set the frames as live wallpapers.

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Love Photo Frames is good free application for the lovers, with a simple interface and easy to use, it makes wonderful love photo with high contrast and can gift for your love one. Easy to use and quick to save and share, you can add manager saved photo with many functions, while editor, delete, message bubbles, stickers, set wallpaper, view detail, etc.Love Photo Frames is suitable for everyone, especially for lovers who want to create wonderful love photo frames from their photo


- Selection photos from the gallery

- Add text and colors

- Decorate with beautiful love and flower stickers

- Add photos on love backgrounds with shapes

- Love Quotes

- Collection of love photo frames for lovers and update everyday

- Lots of nice overlay and effects