❤️ Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter is a simple free android application helps you to count any activity.Digital tasbeeh counter is very helpful for muslin’s to perform zikr. Real tasbeeh digital counter used for praying and making yourself closer to allah swt. Zikr counter helps you to counts your zikr which is being stores the value even after exiting.

❤️ We try to do more zikr ,azkars but we often forget the basic counting , for this purpose we use Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter app It helps to count your daily dhikr in a very simple way. Digital tasbih counter islamic app is the simplest way for basic counting.

❤️ Functionalities of Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter is very simple, it have simple basic Count button for counting, If you are doing zikir by this tally counters free app and break for some time then the counted number will remain same if you open again. The reset button used to reset all the counts that all you have done.

With Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter Application you can enjoy the following features:

⭐ Digital tasbih counter is very simple application to use
⭐ Useful and completely free tasbeeh counter zikr tasbih app
⭐ Simple user interface
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