MAGNIFIER: Magnifying Glass Wq3 0TaSHUHwD5doOfVo7gzLYATmzQiUIbyMMdGm7zyy7qT6EvDxgWat9NSW4 Ooews180 rw - MAGNIFIER: Magnifying glass
Magnifying glass is an useful application that allows you to turn your phone into a magnifier. It’s a very simplest tool anyone can use it very easily. One of the best app that help you to magnify small text. With magnifying glass you will read clearly and easly and never missing anything. You can zoom in or zoom out the camera by your fingers.
Magnifying glass is used to produced a magnified image of an object for clarify more and more understandable and more readable. It help you to magnify even too much smaller object you can see easily without any problem. Now you can read newspaper,books,articles,maps,magzines, as well as clarify objects for reading or understanding.

In magnifying glass you can do
Read the text,bussiness cards,or newspaper with no glasses.
You can use magnifying glass as a microscope.
Through this tool you get text large and clear.
Check the details of your medicine pack prescription.
Easily read the menu and payment bill in dark light restaurant.

High magnification factor.
Zoom in zoom out the camera
High contrast.
Easy to use.
This magnifier glass app is the solution of hand held magnifier you just install the app and enjoy the features if this app for free, with more features then hand held magnifier,because you cant carry magnifier at everywhere but you can carry mobile easily.