Status Saver for Whatsapp: Status Downloader j8 J3 X3MmUCI3W1hlghhpmjKwsJoeHq8xERCWENu4kLuNHlYWDX26OKpTSaC8Gj4bgs180 rw - Status Saver for Whatsapp: Status Downloader
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  1. How to use status saver for whatsapp?

  • First download this status saver
  • Open the status saver app
  • Tap to continue
  • Open whatsapp and view your friend status and story
  • Back to status saver app
  • Click the download button to download the and save the statuses you want
  • Done!

Status Saver Unique Features:
Multi save, delete and Re share to external apps
Status saver let you save photos, videos and GIF
Easily download and fast save the statuses within app gallery
Save whatsapp statuses for free
Status saver has huge amount of different quotes
Work offline, no internet required

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