Speak and Translate is a useful mobile phone app for users who frequently are in the need of translation. This app is specially designed for fast speak and translate purpose. This application will quickly match your voice and will convert it into the desired language. This app is very responsive to recognize and convert it into your desired language

Speak & translate app works as conversation interpreter, two persons can talk in different languages on the same device. Users call do verbal translation by just tapping on mics of different languages. This app is the complete solution of voice to voice translation. In this application one person speak and second person get translated voice of that language, then second person talks, and first person get translated audio.

Text input: This app also allows you to use voice translation feature & need to translate via text then you can also get translation via text. Text input is also required when you speak something, and get any unexpected results, then you can easily edit and can change the voice input text.