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Thread: Pakistani sell vintage watches like Casio Seiko Citizen on eBay

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    Default Pakistani sell vintage watches like Casio Seiko Citizen on eBay

    Hi, This is my first post, So first i choose Gup Shup Section on this forum, Actually i want to know anyone collect vintage rare classic antique digital watches, lcd watches and ana-digi watches brands like Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Rado, Omega and other Swiss and Japanese brands. I am taking about original genuine watches not fake/replica watches.

    I saw many Pakistani's sellers are selling these type of vintage watches on eBay in huge quantity and they are growing rapidly ....But anyone know how to buy from eBay?....However you can create a free account on eBay and make an offer to your preferred watch listing and also contact seller through eBay message system for bargain price and shipping charges. However you can also find many sellers of Antique pre-owned watches on OLX too.

    Actually the big reason for joining many peoples on eBay as a seller from Pakistan is recently eBay adopted Payoneer payment system so any Pakistani can use Payoneer instead of PayPal because Payoneer support Pakistan, that's why many Pakistani sellers joining eBay because Payoneer is the legal payment system for Pakistan and now you can open free Payoneer account from Pakistan. and your eBay sales amount directly deposit to your Pakistani bank account legibly through Payoneer.

    Pakistani sellers are making lot of money by selling Vintage Watches on eBay, They are earning 10 to 20 times profit on each watch by selling it on eBay. in these days it is the Hot Business on eBay and many Pakistani watch sellers are coming to eBay.

    You can also collect and buy old watches from your city old watch markets, old watch shops, old jewelers and OLX etc etc, and sell it on eBay and make huge profit. so don't waist your time and be a watch collector and sell it on eBay.

    Here is the link i made from eBay advance search for sorting out only Pakistani watch sellers on eBay website:

    Vintage watches sellers from Pakistan on eBay

    Or alternatively you can go to eBay site and click on Advance Search option, type watches in item keyword, select Jewelry & Watches in Category and then drop down select Pakistan in Located in at Location Section and then click the search button.

    ebaycountry - Pakistani sell vintage watches like Casio Seiko Citizen on eBay

    For example if you want to search specific brand like Casio Watches then just replace the keyword to Casio Watches and it will show you the result like this:

    casiowatches - Pakistani sell vintage watches like Casio Seiko Citizen on eBay

    But it works only on eBay desktop version site, it will not works on eBay mobile version site, So in order to use eBay advance search with country location option you have to use desktop PC/Laptop or if you want to use it on smart phone then you must enable the desktop site option in your smart phone browser for accessing eBay Desktop version site and repeat the same procedure as i mentioned above, after that you can see sellers only from specific country like Pakistan. And above link is also sort out only Pakistani sellers on eBay But only on eBay desktop version site, .......Otherwise if you use eBay mobile version website then you will Not see the Location option in eBay advance search and also above link will show you sellers from all countries instead of only Pakistani sellers.

    Thank you to all forum members and I'm looking forward to your responses on this post.
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