There are several Quran App With English Translation available along with the original Arabic text. Here are a few popular ones:
  1. This app offers the complete Quran with multiple translations, including English. It also provides recitations, word-by-word translations, and audio translations.
  2. Muslim Pro: In addition to prayer times and an Islamic calendar, Muslim Pro includes a Quran feature with English translations. It also offers recitations by different reciters and customizable features.
  3. iQuran: This app presents the Quran with English translations and transliterations. It allows you to bookmark verses, search for specific content, and customize the display according to your preferences.
  4. Quran Majeed: This app offers the full Quran with English translations. It includes features like verse-by-verse audio recitations, bookmarks, and a night mode for comfortable reading.
  5. Al-Quran (Free): This app provides the Quran with English translations by Sahih International. It allows you to search for specific verses, bookmark favorite passages, and customize the font size and background color.

These apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can find them by searching for their names in the respective app stores.